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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Exodus? What Exodus?

HaAretz is reporting that tens of Nahariya residents are leaving the town after a deadly Hezbullah Katyusha strike this morning, in which one woman was killed and 29 people were wounded:
Dozens of families were seen packing their belongings in the city's Green Naharyia neighborhood and making their way south to escape the reach of Hezbollah's rockets.

Local resident Rivka Vekart described the incident in which her neighbor was killed, saying she was thrown off her balcony from the rocket's impact. [In other words, she was not in the shelter where she was supposed to be. CiJ]

"Am ambulance came and started to search for the woman outside her house but didn't find her until she was found a floor beneath," Vekart said. "We don't know what to do but one thing is for sure: We shall not leave. We weren't scared in the past and they won't scare us now."

Meanwhile, Israel Defense Forces ordered residents of communities up to 15 kilometers from the Lebanese border to take shelter in local bunkers.
So where is the exodus? The one person they interviewed isn't leaving!

Two observations I cannot resist making:

1. You can bet that if God forbid Jews had to leave a town and were not able to return, they (let alone their offspring born after they left) would not be 'homeless refugees' fifty-eight years later.

2. Batya - who believes that people will leave this time (I don't - do you think Kiryat Shmoneh is Tel Aviv?) - makes an observation regarding the Jews who were expelled from Gush Katif last summer:
Only residents of Gush Katif stayed home ignoring the frequent bombs. They were afraid to complain, since they knew that the government would consider it an excuse to drag them out of their homes even earlier.
Very true.... Although I think if they had left, the 'Palestinians' would have overrun their towns.


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