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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Confirmation: 8 IDF soldiers killed in Bint Jbeil

The Jerusalem Post Israel Alert (no link yet) has just reported that eight IDF soldiers were killed at Bint Jbeil today and at least thirty wounded - three of them seriously. This is less than what Al-AP is reporting and I assume it is coming from an official IDF announcement.

Eight IDF soldiers from the Golani infantry brigade were killed in a fierce battle on Wednesday as IDF forces fought to seal off the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbail in southern Lebanon. The heavy clashes erupted after forces entered the town. In addition, at least 30 soldiers were wounded, three seriously, in the battles.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Kyrieleandra said...


Retired Canadian General Lew MacKenzie — who is speaking in Toronto tonight at a Stand with Israel rally — was interviewed on CBC Toronto radio this a.m. He told the show’s anchor that he had received an e-mail only days before from the dead Canadian observor who was a member of his former battalion. MacKenzie says that the message indicated in effect that the UN position was being used as cover by Hezbollah, who, MacKenzie explained, can do so quite freely as they are not members of the UN and not subject, therefore, to official condemnation. MacKenzie further took issue with the misleading reportage (citing CNN in particular) that suggests that Beirut is being bombarded by the IDF and that the city is in ruins. He said that the bombing is no where near the saturation levels that constitute a bombardment and the IAF have specifically targetted a twelve-block area that is, more-or-less, Hezbollah City, and only after dropping leaflets warning civilians to vacate well in advance of the planned airstrikes.


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