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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bliss Street Journal - The Blog: The Siege of Mari

Bliss Street Journal - The Blog: The Siege of Mari

I think I must have had this open on my computer last week when the computer crashed. I know I intended to post this. It came from a Lebanese blogger (whose blog I have bookmarked).

Hat tip for reminding me: Kranky (in the civilized world)
Residents who have recently escaped from Mari tell of a dramatic, desperate situation in the village. The Druse residents, who have no affinity at all for Hizbullah, resisted Hizbullah's attempts to enter the village. The IAF apparently and unwittingly assisted in their resistance by bombing the roads leading into the village, cutting off the militia's ability to enter the town, at least temporarily. Hizbullah responded by cutting off the town's electricity and water supply, essentially laying seige to a town on its own side of the border, hoping that its residents would pack up and leave. Many of them have done so. My sources say that Hizbullah has been desperate to enter the village but has as of yet been unable to do so in large numbers. Residents also describe a growing humanitarian crisis in the village due to the lack of fresh water.

I wonder if the UN will help with their humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately, I fear not.

Read the whole thing.


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