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Monday, July 24, 2006

81 rockets hit north; 50 wounded today

While the IDF seems to be advancing well on the ground, if slowly, I don't see why they think that they have limited Hezbullah's rocket firing capabilities. Eighty-one rockets hit the north today and some fifty people were wounded in rocket attacks. Two of those wounded were moderate to serious; the rest were 'lightly' wounded.

The Galilee District Police reported that 28 rockets landed in the Maalot area by this evening, 24 hit Kiryat Shmona and vicinity, 12 hit Nahariya, six landed in Akko, five in Carmiel, four in Safed and two in Rosh Pina and Hatzor Haglilit.

There is one thing that is worth noting, and it was not noted by YNet, which has a full summary of where the rockets hit: so far, at least, no rockets hit Haifa. I guess that the IDF strikes on Tyre last night were successful.


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