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Monday, June 26, 2006

Popular Resistance Committee confirms denies holding Gilad Shalit

A spokesman for the 'Popular Resistance Committee' told the French news agency AFP in Ramallah this morning that his group is the one holding kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit and that Shalit is in 'good condition.' Shalit was kidnapped in yesterday's 'Palestinian' raid on an IDF post in the Negev near the Gaza Strip. The PRC in Gaza has since denied the report.

The PRC's leader, Jamal Abu Samhadana, was killed by IDF helicopters eighteen days ago. According to London based Arabic newspaper Al Hayat, yesterday's attack was planned by Abu Samhadana. The group was also behind a 2003 attack on an American convoy in Gaza in which three consular officers were murdered, an attempt to infiltrate northern Samaria to set up a Kassam factory, and the launching of dozens of Kassam rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel. The PRC has also been accused - along with Hamas - of sheltering one of the terrorists who carried out the attack at Dahab in the Egyptian Sinai in April.

The Egyptians have offered medical care for Shalit; there is no word as of now as to whether the terrorists have accepted.

While the army is refusing to negotiate for Shilat's release, the massive incursion into Gaza that was approved by the security cabinet last night has been placed on hold pending efforts to release him. A large IDF force with tens of armored personnel carriers is now ringing the Gaza Strip, and the army has said that the response will last "more than a day or two."

YNet is reporting that members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee were told this morning that the IDF does not know where Shalit is being held as of now. I would be surprised if the terrorists were not moving him around from place to place rather than holding him in a single place. Given his medical condition, that is not good.

There are also more details regarding yesterday's attack that came to light this morning. I will try to post those later.


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