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Friday, June 16, 2006

Police officer filmed beating protestor to face disciplinary - not criminal - charges

A police officer who was filmed beating a 17-year old 'youth' with a rod at 'Amona' in February will be facing disciplinary rather than criminal charges.

Video footage presented to the Justice Ministry unit that investigates police officers depicts Border Policeman Ali Sa'id beating the youth with a rod during clashes between security forces and settlers who tried to prevent the evacuation and razing of structures.

The complaint against Sa'id, along with the footage depicting the violent incident, was presented by a human rights organzation while the youth was in detention.

The boy claimed that he had not been involved in the violence that preceded the incident. His version of the events was backed by other demonstrators as well as by an investigation of the incident.

After the complaint was filed, the boy was released from detention and an investigation of Sa'id was launched.

The boy's attorney plans to file a civil complaint for compensation.

The boy is not named. I wonder if it could be my son Baruch Yosef's friend, Yaakov Tessler.


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