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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Palestinians removed shrapnel from beach bombing victim

A woman who was wounded in the Gaza beach blast ten days ago woke up this evening at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. She is apparently the victim of a 'Palestinian' attempt to cover up what happened at the beach in Gaza more than anything else. Here is the report from the Jerusalem Post:

Strengthening claims that the IDF was not responsible for the explosion, the Tel Aviv hospital said that no shrapnel was found in her body, except for one piece that was not reachable by surgery and would have to be left there. The damage to her body was "without doubt" caused by shrapnel.

Ichilov hospital did not accuse Shifa Hospital in Gaza of directly of removing shrapnel for no medical reason, but it said that it had never received a patient who was in an explosion with all the shrapnel removed (except for one unreachable piece).

"This is surprising and raises questions" about the care she received in Shifa, the Ichilov spokeswoman said. Asked whether Ichilov surgeons had contacted Shifa doctors who treated the patient to ask the reason for the incisions to remove shrapnel, the spokeswoman said: "We are not in such close contact with Shifa. We received the medical report on the patient, and that's all."

Israeli authorities say the chances are "one-in-a-billion" that she was hurt by an Israeli missile.

In most cases, some shrapnel remains in the victim's body and stays there for the rest of his life, the hospital said.

No one would believe a one in a billion shot except when it favors the 'Palestinians.'

Read the whole thing.


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