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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Palestinian Geneva Convention violations continue to cause civilian deaths

Preliminiary reports indicate that two more 'Palestinian' civilians have been killed and thirteen plus two terrorists wounded when an IAF helicopter missile fired at a car carrying terrorists also hit a house in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. According to YNet (which seems to have the most specific information at this time) two people in the house were killed and another 15 people were wounded in the strike, including two group activists who were in the car and sustained serious wounds.

The Geneva Convention provides that terrorists do not become immune from attack by hiding among a civilian population.

Some of you may recall this article by Bernard Glick in the American Thinker, which I linked last month:
Israel has a stated policy of doing everything possible to limit Palestinian civilian casualties. But the trouble with that policy is that it provides no incentive to non-terrorist Palestinians to stop tolerating Hamas or other terrorist groups. The non-terrorist Palestinians, the Israeli Arabs who are pro-Palestinian the Arabs in the wider Middle East, the Iranians and the other non-Arab Muslims, those Americans and Europeans who hide their anti-Semitism behind anti-Israelism do not hate the Jewish state less because it has allowed its fear of causing Palestinian casualties to cloud both its military judgment and the proven principles of psychological warfare.


In the months prior to the end of the Second World War, the United States and Britain launched massive aerial bombings — sometimes they sent a thousand bombers at a time — over German cities, and America dropped atomic bombs over two Japanese cities. Neither President Delano Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, nor the American and British people fretted over enemy civilian casualties. On the contrary, they were absolutely convinced that such casualties would make the Germans and the Japanese surrender more quickly.
There are other reports on this targeted strike here and here.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hope you're well. Misplaced your email...

Apropos your excellent coverage, did you see/hear what I posted on this from an interview with GPO chief Danny Seaman: http://betbender.blogspot.com/2006/06/govt-press-chief-on-kassams-any-other.html

Hear Danny Seaman, Director-General of the Israel Government Press Office, talking about the nonstop Kassam attacks into southern Israel from Gaza, asserts that any other country, "under such attack as the residents in Sderot are, would do everything - everything to prevent hostile firing at their homes, their children, their schools."


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