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Sunday, June 18, 2006

'Palestinian Foreign Minister' pledges to keep funneling cash through suitcases

'Palestinian Foreign Minister' Mahmoud Zahar said today that he would keep funneling money into Gaza in his suitcase, despite European demands that he and other 'ministers' stop doing so. According to al-AP, Zahar, who brought $20 million in cash back from a seven-nation tour this week, told reporters in Gaza, "We are going to continue to bring money in through Rafah crossing. This is a legal process. We are not going to allow anyone to prevent us."

Zahar's cash, along with that of 'Communications Minister' Yusef Rizke, prompted a letter from the European monitoring mission warning that the entry of money through Rafah violated the border agreement that US Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice brokered last year, giving Palestinians control over Rafah, under the observation of European Union monitors.

In the press conference, Zahar also praised a European Union plan endorsed Friday to channel humanitarian aid to the 'impoverished' Palestinian areas, while condemning the EU's funding freeze against the Hamas government.

Zahar also said that a recent Iranian pledge of $50 million, 300 cars and two aircraft will be delivered soon to the Palestinian government. I can't wait to see how they plan to smuggle in cars and aircraft....


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