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Monday, June 05, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - PA holds last-ditch talks

YNet is reporting this evening that 'Palestinian Authority President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen and 'Palestinian Prime Minister' Ismael Haniyeh met this evening to try to reach a compromise on Abu Mazen's referendum on the 'Prisoners' Document,' a referendum that Hamas says is 'illegal.' But so far all efforts at compromise have failed.

YNet reports that five Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have already rejected the ultimatum and called on the chairman to continue the dialogue between the groups over the "National Reconciliation Document." (That's just another name for the 'Prisoners' Document'). That contradicts this story from Thursday that indicated that Islamic Jihad had decided to support accepting the document.

According to Abu Mazen's ultimatum, which expires later tonight or tomorrow morning, the sides must reach an understanding among themselves and adopt the "prisoners' document," which recognizes an Israeli state on the 1967 borders with the 'Palestinians' having a 'right of return' to demographically vitiate the Jewish state, or else the chairman (Abu Mazen) would issue a presidential decree ordering that a referendum be held over the question within 40 days. As I noted last night, Abu Mazen believes he has a real advantage in a referendum.

'Palestinian sources' said that the chances for a compromise are slim, and that Abu Mazen will probably declare the referendum on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the various armed terrorist groups continue to prepare for Abu Mazen's announcement. Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported a massive deployment of Hamas' special force in the streets Sunday morning, although government officials claimed this was merely routine activity.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. I wish both sides equal success at killing each other.


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