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Thursday, June 01, 2006

PA Cartoon: Child Urinating on Statue of Liberty and "Democracy"

Will there be rioting in the streets in the United States? Will Americans start attacking Muslims in the streets wherever they see them as the Muslims did just about everywhere when these cartoons were published? Somehow, I doubt it. But this story from Palestine Media Watch ought to get Americans to thinking why you're spending your tax dollars so that these 'people' can have a state reichlet.

The current issue of the Hamas weekly al-Risala has a cartoon of a 'Palestinian' child urinating on the Statue of Liberty, which is holding a book labelled "Democracy". This expression of utter disdain for the US and its democracy follows other recent slurs in the PA media. For example, on March 4, 2006, al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that the West had been condemned at a PA rally "for many years of trying to penetrate Islamic youth with dubious things such as the ideas of democracy."

I am reproducing the cartoon in question below; it's unlikely I will get death threats for posting it. PMW's web site has seven more cartoons that include the Statue of Liberty. You can scroll down the page (once you click the bulletins link on the right) to see the rest of them.


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