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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Michigan teen 'charged' with being a runaway

Katherine Lester of Gilford, Michigan, who turned 17 yesterday, was 'charged' with being a runaway in a Michigan court this week. You may recall that Katherine was interecepted last week on her way to Jericho to be with a 20-year old 'Palestinian' dropout whom she met on MySpace.com.

Under the 'charges,' which were brought at her family's request, Lester had to give up her passport. If the judge finds that Lester is a runaway, she could be placed under court supervision until she turns 18. Such supervision usually means she would be monitored by a probation officer and made to undergo counseling.

But it seems that Lester is already undergoing counseling. Al-AP reports that according to prosecutor Mark Reene, Lester had a positive attitude and appeared to be receptive to the efforts to help her.

Counselors will explain to her the impact of leaving the country and talk about the different culture she would face in the West Bank, Reene said. How politically incorrect!

"There are so many things she needs to fully understand," he said. "We want to take every available step to inform her, give her the opportunity to make the best decision."

Lester has been in seclusion with her father since arriving back in the US on June 9. Gilford is a village in Michigan's agricultural Thumb region, about 80 miles north of Detroit.

The Detroit Free Press talks about the 'legal limbo' to which Lester is now subject.


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