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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The IAF hits an empty building; Peres: Kassams shmassams

In response to the Kassam fire, the IAF hit a "Kassam factory" last night (read - an empty building with a lot of metal). No one was injured in the strike at a metal works factory.

Earlier yesterday, Sderot residents postponed their general strike to today and ended their hunger strike, because President Katzav and Defense Minister Comrade Peretz came to visit. The only one who has not come to visit and 'show solidarity' is Ehud Olmert who doesn't dare show his face in town. Two Kassam rockets landed in an open field outside of town while Katzav was visiting. Sderot closed its schools for the summer yesterday, and starting tonight there is a 9:00 curfew in town. Hopefully, the last one to leave will remember to shut off the lights.

Meanwhile, from the comfort of Tel Aviv (NotInMyBackYard) Slimy Shimon Peres decried the 'hysteria' saying that Kiryat Shmona was shelled for years and no one complained. Peres doesn't see the difference between a case in which Israel was being shelled from another country and a case where lamebrained 'policy makers' like him gave the enemy the real estate from which the shelling is being carried out. I have to quote some of this for you, because it's simply beyond belief:
Vice Premier Shimon Peres, however, doesn't understand what the fuss is about. "This hysteria over the Qassams must end," he told journalists at the Knesset. "We're just adding to the hysteria. What happened? Kiryat Shmona was shelled for years. What, there weren't missiles?"

Peres added: "We must tell the Palestinians, Qassams shmassams, we'll hold firm. We won't move from here."

The vice premier also accused the management of the Israeli side: "Our response is causing the other side to strike. We must carry out a series of steps in order to take out the Qassams. Peres refused to detail which steps he meant.
There are no reports yet of Peres placing himself in the line of fire by going to Sderot himself.


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