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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hamas preparing new terror attacks

WorldNetDaily.com is reporting that Hamas has been stockpiling weapons and planning new terror attacks in the event that the current 'truce' falls apart. This follows an interview earlier this week with Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' 'military wing,' in which he said that Hamas is developing an electronically guided missile.

"Thus far, members of Hamas' military wing have not received any orders to commit attacks, since a return to terror at this time would not serve the Palestinian Authority's Hamas government," one Israeli official told reporters, adding that Hamas operatives have been instructed to prepare attacks that can be launched as soon as an order is given.

"They have no intention of repeating what they've done in the past," the official said. "The goal is to prepare 'mega-attacks' that would create a new balance [of power with Israel]."

Israeli officials said there is information Hamas has experimented with adding toxic chemicals to suicide bomb belts. I don't know why WND thought this was new - we had suicide bombings with nails and screws laced with rat poison throughout the intifadeh. The officials said the experiments have involved relatively simple chemicals and that the organization has not been able to successfully integrate the agents into its bombs.

The officials also warned Hamas is acquiring large stockpiles of explosives so operatives will be ready to launch attacks.

WND has another interview with Abu Abdullah. This sounds like al-Qaida talking:
Abu Abdullah also said Hamas is acquiring small aircraft for attacks against Jewish targets, possibly Tel Aviv skyscrapers.

"The goal is to have these planes carry maximum quantities of explosives and that they will be able to hit the targets that are fixed for its operation at a high level of accuracy. All the Zionist goals in our dear Palestine are legitimate. I estimate that this tool will not be used against regular targets. We will choose precious targets and I do not want to speak about strategic or any other targets. ... We know that the enemy is building new and high buildings in Tel Aviv."

The terror leader listed possible military targets, as well.

"[Our target] could be important military and civil buildings and compounds and it could also be settlements in 1948 occupied Palestine (Israel). We know that many of the decisions to kill our brothers are taken in the army headquarters in occupied Beer Sheva (considered the capital of the Israeli Negev desert). All these targets are legitimate ones," Abdullah said.

Abdullah's statements come after Palestinian security officials told WND they believe Hamas recently smuggled into the Gaza Strip three small airplanes that can carry explosives and be used to attack Israel. They said information indicates the aircraft were purchased from eastern European dealers and that Hamas members received flight training from professionals in the Sudan, Iran and Syria.

Abdullah refused to confirm the reports but said his group has the right to acquire aircraft.

"I cannot confirm whether this information is right or not but for sure it is one of our goals to have these airplanes," Abdullah said. "It is part of our legitimate arming in case the enemy (Israel) thinks to launch a big attack against our people."

Read the whole thing.


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