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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hamas militia still patrolling Gaza streets

Yesterday, Little Green Footballs assured us of peace in our time in Gaza.
The Fatah faction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Hamas group agreed on Wednesday to halt their clashes even as they headed for a showdown over Abbas's threat to hold a referendum on a statehood proposal."


A government spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, said members of a 3,000-strong new paramilitary force set up by Hamas would be pulled off Gaza's streets and redeployed to limited locations to ease tensions.
Guess what?

Both Al-AP and Al-Ard are reporting that the 3,000-member private security force remained on Gaza's streets today with no sign of any withdrawal despite a high-profile deal with the rival Fatah movement to remove it from public areas.

A spokesman for the Hamas-run Interior ministry, Khaled Abu Hilal, claimed that the force had been repositioned, but there was no change on the ground. The black-clad gunmen stood guard on street corners throughout Gaza, remaining in full public view.

Meanwhile, Hamas has until the end of the week to respond to Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's referendum.


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