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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Education Ministry to teacher: End hunger strike or lose your job

A Sderot teacher who is on a hunger strike to protest the government's inability unwillingness to protect her town against Kassam rockets may be fired by leftist Education Minister Yuli Tamir according to a report appearing on YNet. Tamir, one of the founders of Peace Piece by Piece Now is one of the most leftwing ministers in Ehud Olmert's government.

Yael Tayari, a high school teacher in Sderot, is among those hunger striking outside the home of Defense Minister Comrade Peretz, who is the Labor party leader and Tamir's political ally. Tamir visited today in Sderot, and after she left, Tayari got a call from the Education Ministry in Sderot with a very blunt message: end the hunger strike or lose your job.

YNet asked the education ministry for comment and reports:
In an evasive response, the Education Ministry said: "The Ministry showed understanding for the feelings of Sderot residents."
According to YNet:
Friends of Tayari said they thought the timing of Tamir's visit was not a coincidence. "We assume that the Education Ministry didn't like this activity. It apparently angered them and this was the gift of the education minister to the people of Sderot, the silencing of voices and an anti-democratic move," said Alon Davidi, one of the hunger-strikers in the tent.

The Education Ministry said in response: "The Ministry showed understanding for the feelings of the residents of Sderot and Gaza residents. It is the aim of education minister and the director-general of the Ministry to invite the teacher for a meeting in order to discuss with her the feelings of the students of Sderot due to the situation, and to find appropriate solutions."


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