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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Abu Mazen, Fatah, won't fight terrorism; will fight 'collaborators'

'Moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has told us on numerous occasions that he cannot fight terrorism or dismantle its infrastructure because doing so would bring about a civil war among the 'Palestinians' and he will not bring about a civil war. But Abu Mazen and Fatah are willing to risk a civil war among the 'Palestinians' to go after a much more vicious enemy: 'collaborators.'

The Jerusalem Post reports that the 'Palestinian Authority' security forces have been instructed to resume their campaign against 'Palestinians' suspected of "collaboration" with Israel, PA officials disclosed on Monday. While the 'Palestinian Authority' is currently controlled by Hamas, you will recall that the 'security forces' are still under the command of Abu Mazen and therefore controlled by Fatah.

"We have decided to wage a war on the traitors who are helping Israel kill our activists," said a Fatah legislator.

The PA already has about 100 suspected 'collaborators' in its prisons in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including at least six who are on death row. A 'Palestinian collaborator' was murdered extra-judicially the week before last, and two others were murdered three weeks ago.

Over the past few weeks, Fatah and Hamas legislators have been urging the PA to crack down on 'Palestinians' suspected of tipping the Israeli security forces about the whereabouts and movements of wanted terrorists. At least Fatah and Hamas can agree on something.

At a closed meeting of the Palestinian Legislative Council's Security Affairs Committee earlier this week, the Fatah and Hamas legislators put aside their differences when the issue of the "collaborators' file" was raised. The committee is headed by former Fatah security commander and minister Muhammed Dahlan, who himself has been repeatedly accused by his rivals of collaborating with Israel and the US. As some of you may recall, Dahlan is a murderer who is wanted by Israel, but so far the helicopters have spared him.

The parliamentary committee decided that the time has come to launch a massive crackdown on 'collaborators.' The members of the committee also decided to instruct the 'judicial system' to pass death sentences against those found guilty of working for the Israeli security services.

"We have decided that we need a comprehensive plan to deal with the phenomenon of collaborators," one of the Fatah legislators told The Jerusalem Post, noting that Dahlan fully supported the calls for cracking down on suspected 'collaborators.'


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