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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UN faults Lebanon for rocket attack that set off border clash

This has to be a first.

Beirut's Daily Star is reporting that the United Nations is faulting Lebanon for starting yesterday's rocket battle between Hezbullah and the IDF.

"It is the responsibility of the Lebanese authorities to respect the (UN-demarcated) Blue Line and prevent any attacks across this blue line," Milos Strugar, the senior advisor to the UN commander of the UN Interim Forces in Lebanon, said on Monday.


Strugar said the situation in the South following a UN-brokered cease-fire Sunday evening was "quiet in general, but also fragile and cautious."

He added: "We are working with everyone to prevent escalation and confrontation in the area and to maintain calm."


Meanwhile, asked who was behind Sunday's initial rocket attack, Hizbullah's representative in the South, Sheikh Naim Qaouk, told LBCI that the government is responsible for monitoring any security breach in Lebanon.

"Hizbullah is not an alternative to the government," he said. "Knowing who launched those rockets is not our responsibility.

It is the responsibility of the Lebanese security, which has to conduct investigations. Hizbullah's weapons and mission is to stand in the face of Israeli threats."

The Star also has Hezbullah's response to the story I ran yesterday about their long-range rocket capabilities:

A Hizbullah official told The Daily Star that the "resistance will neither confirm not deny" the report.

"Let their own fear kill them. We will not comfort them," he added.

I would take that as a confirmation.


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