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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Spy agency warns'homegrown' extremists on the rise in Canada

When I lived in the US, you could travel between the US and Canada with any form of ID - you didn't need a passport. I trust it's still that way. In fact, occasionally when we drove from New York to Montreal (a ride I took several times during my college career), the border guards would just wave us right through. I really hope that's not the way it is anymore. If I lived in the US today, and even living here in Israel with many friends and family in the US, I'm really nervous about what's going on in Canada. Have a look at this:

About 90 per cent of immigration applicants from Pakistan and Afghanistan -- hotbeds for Islamic fundamentalism and countries central in the fight against terrorism -- haven't been adequately screened for security concerns over the past five years, Canada's spy agency said Monday.

The No. 2 man at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) said his organization simply doesn't have the resources necessary to do all the security checks it would like.

Jack Hooper, deputy director of operations for the service, told a Senate national security committee about 20,000 immigrants have come from the Afghanistan/Pakistan region to Canada since 2001. [That's 20,000 potential Islamic terrorists. CiJ]

"We're in a position to vet one-tenth of those," he said. "That may be inadequate." [This guy is the master of understatement. CiJ]

Asked if that meant CSIS wasn't completely satisfied about 90 per cent of the immigrants coming into the country from that region, Hooper responded "that's correct."

Read the whole thing.


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