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Friday, May 19, 2006

Rally in Washington this Tuesday at Noon

I received the following email this morning:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is coming to Washington D.C. next week
to ask Congress and Pres. Bush for enough money and moral support to expel
80,000 Jews from the Samaria and Judea (the West Bank). Many of us
feel this is a terrible idea. We want to demonstrate our disapproval, our
outrage that the Israeli government is treating its Jewish citizens so
shabbily, and our concern that Olmert is putting Israel in jeopardy.

Jonathan Silverman ([address and phone number from me on request. CiJ]) initiated
a call for a rally and it struck a chord. The upshot is there will be a
grassroots rally at

the U.S. Capitol Building in Taft Park
(near Senate Russell Bldg)
50 Constitution Avenue N.W. (at 1st Street)
Washington DC
Tuesday May 23, 2006 at 12 noon
Metro Stop: Union Station on the Red Line. 4 block walk

I am writing you to help us let people know about this rally. Some
people have already made arrangements to come in from out of town.
Obviously, the more people show up, the more our disapproval of Olmert's
Convergence Plan will register with the Bush Administration.

We hope you publish this information on your website and send it to your
email lists.

What will expelling Jews from the West Bank accomplish? The Gaza
disengagement debacle suggests that:

Hamas and Al-Qaeda will take over the territory. As in Gaza, they will
have the freedom to import war material and to put together missiles and
explosives. And they will be even closer to their Israeli targets.

The Arabs will be sitting on top of Israel's aquifer and thus
controlling a critical component of Israel's water supply. Some say
Israel's eventual desalination project will be a substitute -- but that is
a pipe dream.

The Israeli Government botched the resettlement of the 8,000 Jews of
Gush Katif, Gaza. Some 9 months after they were kicked out of their homes
and farms and orchards, some are still homeless and most are living in
tents and ramshackle temporary trailers. More than 40% percent have not
been compensated for their homes that were destroyed. Most of the business
owners and farmers have not received any payment. A vibrant and patriotic
group that once contributed substantially to Israel's economy is now
dispirited and traumatized and a drain on Israel's economy.

Now Olmert's government is proposing to transfer at least 10 times as
many Jews. If he succeeds, both Israel and America will be the losers. At
best it weakens Israel militarily and demoralizes its citizens, making
them easy prey for their enemies. At worst, it is suicidal. And America
loses its only reliable ally in the Middle East. The only winners will be
the Arab terrorists now in control of Gaza.

If you can't come to the rally, please write President Bush and ask him
to oppose Olmert's dangerous scheme. The American people can not be a
party to this insanity. U.S. citizens can call the White House at
202-456-1111; you will be asked what state you are from. Faxes can be sent
to 202-456-2461, and emails can be sent to Comments@whitehouse.gov and

Thank you


At 6:15 PM, Blogger The Town Crier said...

Like similar rallies last year, this will help no one, accomplish nothing and only serve to cause further chilul hashem


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