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Monday, May 15, 2006

A Promising Young Life Prematurely Committed to Sand

A surprising article by New York Times reporter Steven Erlanger, who attended the funeral of Tel Aviv terror attack victim Lior Anidzar on Sunday in Holon. I wonder what the 'progressive' blogs will say about it.

At the funeral, the former chief rabbi of Israel and now chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, Israel Meir Lau, said Lior Anidzar "had fought for his life, and fought for his bride," and the mourners wailed, and "now he's gone to the gates of Heaven, and that's a separation forever." Here Rabbi Lau himself began to cry, and said, "A father saying Kaddish," the prayer for the dead, "for his son!"

Then he shouted, "Who are these savages who do these things, and no one takes the hand outstretched for peace?" He stopped, then said: "Heaven is not for such people. For what do they give their lives? To kill innocents? This is religion? No, this is a distortion of all mercy and all religious feeling, and I want the Muslim clerics to tell the truth, that murder doesn't bring paradise."

I hope that Rabbi Lau isn't holding his breath waiting for it to happen.

Read the whole thing.


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