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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The 'Prisoners' Document' is a non-starter for Israel

I have been away at meetings in the Tel Aviv area most of the day, but I trust most of you have heard by now that Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has given Hamas ten days to reach an agreement with him, or he will put the so-called Prisoners' Document to a referendum within forty days. Hamas has said that it agrees to the referendum.

All we keep hearing about the 'Prisoners' Document' is that it "approves the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders," and that it was agreed upon between Marwan Barghouti and a couple of lesser knowns in an Israeli prison.

But what does the Prisoners' Document include? Here are some of the items it includes, and they ought to be enough to convince you that for Israel, they are not a basis for making peace. Once again, the 'Palestinians' are attempting to dictate terms (of Israeli surrender).

1. Establishment of a Palestinian state, return of refugees to their homes. [There is no way in any scenario that Israel could agree to a broad statement like 'return of 'refugees' to 'their homes.'' Even the most leftist Israelis are only willing to accept a very limited number of 'refugees' to be allowed to settle in whatever would remain of Israel after a 'peace settlement.' CiJ]

2. Incorporate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into PLO. [This means not disbanding the terror organizations, and there is no way Israel could countenance this. Why? Look at Ismail Haniyeh's statement earlier today:

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that the Palestinians would recognize Israel only after Israel withdraws from all Palestinian territory.

He further stated that until that happened, Palestinian resistance would not subside.

In other words, the terror will continue, and even after that, Hamas will 'recognize' Israel but may not stop trying to destroy it. Israel cannot agree to this. CiJ]

3. Resist Israeli occupation of lands captured in 1967 (West Bank and Gaza). [Resist means that the terror will continue - now in full cooperation among Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel would have to crush that 'resistance' immediately, which would probably involve an outright war. CiJ]

8. Freedom for all Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. [Israel is not going to release a substantial number prisoners or prisoners 'with blood on their hands' except as part of a final political settlement. For any Israeli government to do this would be suicidal. CiJ]

10. Set up united movement for resistance against Israeli occupation with political backing. [If resistance=violence - and it does - Israel cannot stand by and accept this. CiJ]

14. Ban on use of weapons in internal conflicts and renouncing divisions and (internal) violence. [Once again, the weapons are only banned in internal conflicts and internal violence. They still accept using them against Israel. Just what did the 'Oslo Accords' say anyhow? /sarcasm CiJ]

In summary, the only thing the 'Palestinians' seem to be able to agree upon is violence against Israel. That's not much of a basis for making 'peace.'


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