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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Perpetuating the 'Protocols'

The WaPo Outlook feature on the Saudi textbooks (which are used in 'Islamic' schools around the world) includes quotes from a 10th grade textbook in which Saudi high schoolers are taught that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion tell the truth about the way that Jews think. The Protocols are an anti-Semitic forgery that purported to expose a scheme for Jewish global domination and have been widely circulated since the early 20th century. They are a best seller in Arab countries even today. Here are some samples from the Saudi textbook:

"The following points summarize the protocols:

"Undermine the foundation of the existing international community and its systems to enable Zionism to gain sole control over the world.

"Eliminate Christian nationalities, religions, and nations in particular.

"Work to increase the corruption of existing governments in Europe. Zionism believes in the corruption and collapse of these governments.

"Gain control over the means of publication, propaganda, and newspapers; use gold to incite unrest; and exploit people's desires and spread depravity."

"The decisive proof of the veracity of the protocols and the infernal Jewish plans they contain is that the plans, plots, and conspiracies they list have been carried out. Whoever reads the protocols -- and they emerged in the 19th century -- will realize today how much of what they described has been implemented."


"You can hardly find an example of sedition in which the Jews have not played a role."

"Attempting to inundate peoples with vice and rampant prostitution. The Jews have taken control of this trade and they try to spread it. They manage bars in Europe and America, as well as in Israel itself."

"Gaining control over literature and the arts; spreading degenerate, pornographic literature; and encouraging perverted trends in literature, thought, and the arts."

"Gaining control over the film industry in the Western world and elsewhere."

"Fraud, bribery, theft, and swindles."

Read it all.


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