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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - A-Zahar spits on officer who demands wages

Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud a-Zahar, who had $450,000 in cash stolen from his Kuwait hotel room last month, spit in the face of a 'Palestinian police officer' today after the officer asked a-Zahar to bring back money from Egypt to pay his salary.
When a-Zahar arrived at the crossing on his way to Egypt, from where he planned to tour various destinations in Asia, he heard a police officer at the border request of his driver to ask when salaries – which haven’t been paid since the beginning of March – would be paid.

The crossing manager, Samir Abu Nahala, told London’s pan-Arab newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi that he heard the officer tell the chauffeur: “Tell him to fix our salaries when he’s on these trips that he’s taking.”

According to Abu Nahala, these words enraged a-Zahar, who screamed at the policeman “You aren’t civilized” and spit in his face. A similar version of the story was recounted by police who were on the scene. Border police hurried to interfere, and pulled away the police officer after the two started cursing at each other and even pushing.

The report said that a-Zahar then returned to his car, called someone and demanded that “this policeman be educated.”
But it gets better...

But the story didn’t end here. According to Abu Nahal, a short time afterwards, some 50 armed gunmen from the Izz a-Din al-Qassam brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, along with members of the new security unit established by Hamas, showed up at the crossing and spread out in the territory for some 45 minutes. In addition, a senior official in the Foreign Ministry instructed that the policeman‘s behavior be immediately investigated owing to his lack of manners and his “unbecoming conduct” towards the foreign minister.

The minister’s media advisor, Taher al-Nunu, confirmed the incident and said that it happened after the policeman demanded, “Are you going to bring money or what?!” which riled a-Zahar. A source in the Palestinian Foreign Ministry added that the argument erupted after the policeman “insulted a-Zahar and the Palestinian government, attempted to humiliate him and make mockery of the government and its efforts, and behaved very rudely towards the minister.”

Read the whole thing.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

This is now almost June, so that can't be an April Fools' joke...can it?

Talk about chutzpah...this has to be a classic text book definition of it.

By all means, give them a country...on the moon.

I still feel that a civil war between the warring factions of terrorists is imminent.


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