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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - Gaza blast wounds PA intelligence head

An explosion took place in Gaza City's intelligence headquarters this afternoon, killing one person and wounding at least ten, including intelligence service commander Gen. Tareq Abu Rajeb and his bodyguards. Abu Rajeb is a confidante of Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, and Abu Mazan has ordered an investigation into the case. Abu Rajeb's life is not in danger.

The Jerusalem Post reports on a number of possible causes for the explosion:

The circumstances of the explosion were not immediately clear. The Ministry of the Interior spokesman suggested that a hand grenade was accidentally dropped inside the elevator. [What was a hand grenade doing in the building in the first place? CiJ] However, there was also speculation that the blast was an assassination attempt on Abu Rajeb.

A third report said that shots were fired at the officer and his bodyguards after the explosion. No one has yet claimed responsibility.

But here's the best part:

After first being operated on in Gaza, Abu Rajeb was then transferred to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for further medical treatment, Israel Radio reported.
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs comments:

Good thing Abu Rajab and his pals haven’t succeeded in wiping out Israel yet. That Zionist entity sure comes in handy when you need emergency medical assistance.


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