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Friday, May 26, 2006

PA denies asking Israel for weapons

Last night, there were stories in both the JPost and HaAretz indicating that Israel was supplying weapons to Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's security guards to protect him. Apparently, the story endangered Abu Mazen even futher, because today the story has been denied:
"There wasn't a single grain of truth in the Israeli reports," Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu-Rudeineh said.


The amount of weapons to be transferred was limited, and came out of concern for Abbas' life and position at the head of the PA, security officials said.

Sources in the Likud were quick to condemn the decision. "Whoever gives weapons to the [Palestinian] Authority gives legitimacy to the rest of the world to transfer money to the PA," said MK Yuval Steinitz.

This was the first time that Israel took an active role in the clashes between Hamas members and Palestinian security forces started a week ago.


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