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Sunday, May 21, 2006

No More Appeasement, Please

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has taken a stance against Olmert's convergence consolidation surrender plan:

I don’t consider myself a “conservative” (whatever that antiquated term is supposed to mean these days), but although I reserved judgment on the Gaza disengagement I now have to say that Olmert’s plan, as I’ve seen it described, seems like more of the same incredible heartbreak and turmoil, in return for more of the same terrorism and mayhem. I’m against it.

It’s very difficult to argue that the Gaza disengagement was a success. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are dominant and rockets fall in southern Israel almost daily. Palestinians saw the pull-out as a surrender, and that probably contributed to the election of the Hamas government. Reports persist that Al Qaeda has established a presence in Gaza. Chaos reigns and civil war looms.

And parts of the West Bank are even closer to important Israeli centers, putting them within easy range of Palestinian rockets, which grow ever more sophisticated. Giving away more land makes no sense whatsoever with the results of the Gaza experience right there, festering in front of our eyes.

Read the whole thing.


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