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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A lot better than getting blown up

Yisrael in Shilo has a story about how the American consulate in Jerusalem is servicing Gaza's population:
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with Internet access will have a new resource on May 22 to find out how to obtain U.S. visas, participate in online web chats, and receive other information provided by the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem.

The new Web site is a "virtual presence post" through which U.S. diplomats can reach out to the Gaza community, which is beyond the physical reach of the mission in Jerusalem.

As part of the consulate's efforts to broaden and deepen its engagement with Palestinian people living in Gaza, the Web site will provide information on how to apply for visas and scholarship and grant opportunities in the United States, will also focus on American activities in Gaza and would serve as a medium for dialogue between the consulate and local Palestinians.

I wonder where else the United States' embassies and consulates provide services like this (answer - "remote areas of Russia").

Read it all.

For those of you who have forgotten what happened the last time the Americans actually tried going to Gaza, point your browsers here.


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