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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Keeping Kosher in Saddam's Palace

Seraphic Secret (who it turns out is someone with whom I was in touch many times several years ago) carries the story of Lieutenant Junior Grade Laurie Zimmet United States Navy, an observant Jewish woman serving in Iraq. Hat tip: Soccer Dad.

Please don't misunderstand me. I am honored to serve our country, proud to wear the cloth of our nation, and mine is an exciting job. Once again, as in 2003, I am assigned to an Intelligence unit -- a unit that goes after truly evil people. I do feel like I'm doing good for God, especially since these same people we go after not only harbor a disdain for America and all she holds dear, but not surprisingly, they abhor Israel as well, and most especially the Jews.

I should feel good about that, right? And how about this: I'm able to serve in this war while keeping kosher, and as a side assignment working as an unofficial lay leader to Jews here at my FOB -- Forward Operating Base. I even organized a giant menorah lighting ceremony in Saddam's Palace and made 100% kosher latkes for everyone at the ceremony. Many Jews here are still stunned that we pulled that off.

Still think I should feel good? I would too if I were reading this about someone else. But I'm not. It's me, not someone I've never met that I've labeled "hero" in my mind.

The truth is that I always wanted...

Read the whole thing.


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