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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kassam lands in IDF base in W. Negev

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that yet another Kassam rocket was fired at the Western Negev this morning from the Gaza Strip. The Kassam hit in the middle of an IDF base, and fortunately did not explode.

Comrade Peretz has already conceded that the Defense Ministry will not even succeed in implementing anti-Kassam protection in schools and kindergartens in time for the start of the new school year in September (this with a month still remaining in the current school year). But this morning, at Peretz's request, Knesset Finance Committee Chairman Ya'acov Litzman (UTJ) announced the transfer of NIS 52 million to fund the reinforcement of 42 kindergartens. The estimated cost of protecting just the kindergartens in the area near the Gaza Strip is NIS 210m., according to officials at the Finance Ministry. But let's give the 'Palestinians' some more land to use as a launching pad, right Mr. Olmert?

Uri Naamati, head of the Eshkol regional council, said that NIS 70m. for adding protection to schools near Gaza were transferred to the municipalities yesterday, after a year of bureaucratic wrangling. Preparing the sites for construction would take three months, and the actual work another three months, Naamati said. So we're now looking - assuming no further delays - at November to have about one third of the Kindergartens protected.

But as long as they don't need to protect the Kindergartens in North Tel Aviv, everything will be fine for the Olmert government.


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