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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Karine B?

A weapons 'combat support' shipment headed for Gaza was intercepted this morning in the port of Ashdod (it's not clear to me why the 'Palestinians' had the shipment sent to them from China via Ashdod and didn't have them dropped into the water offshore like they used to do) in a shipping container from China that was supposed to contain 'sewing notions,' hats and clocks. Customs officers discovered the 'combat support items' while scanning the shipment. And people wonder why Israel won't let the 'Palestinians' build a port in Gaza....
The container's importers said their shipment includes sewing notions, hats and clocks. Customs officers however confiscated 300 telescopes, some of which have sights and infrared markers for long-range targets.

Security officials said the items are of good quality and had they reached the Gaza Strip they would have certainly improved terror groups' ability to hit IDF targets.

"We are speaking of a quantity that could upgrade the fighting capability of a whole brigade in the Palestinian Authority security forces. A telescope of this kind, fitted on an M-16 rifle, for example, improves the death ability of the weapon," customs officials said.


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