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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey Big Satan, Congratulations!

Congratulations America - the 'Palestinians' have apparently figured out that you are not going to bow to the Ummah's dictates. 'Palestinian Prime Minister' Ismail Haniyeh today accused the United States of 'standing against Islam.' Maybe that will convince the non-moonbat American population that this is a war of religions as much as anything else.

Haniyeh told the Iranian news agency IRNA that Washington makes every endeavor towards the failure of the Hamas-led democratic government of Palestine and that the US administration has stood against Islam and the Muslims and is under the influence of the 'Zionist lobby'.

"The Palestinian nation and the Islamic Ummah are not enemies of the American people. They do not accept hegemony of the US and oppression," Haniyeh said.

Asked about probable escalation of civil war in Palestine, Haniyeh said that fighting between Palestinians is the red line for all and there is no place for such an event in Palestine.

"Palestinians are a nation who have made many sacrifices in resistance to the occupying forces and all share the commitment to safeguard national security. People have joined hands with institutes of Palestinian self-rule.

"All the nation know that there is a common enemy who are the occupying forces against whom we should stand," Haniyeh said.



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