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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hamas still (trying to) carry out terror attacks

So much for all those people who think Hamas is no longer carrying out terrorist attacks, and that their only sin is that they look the other way and support others who carry out terror attacks. How many times have we heard the refrain in the last month or so that "Hamas is no longer involved in terrorism?" Well, let's put the lie to that one.

The Shin Bet (General Security Service) released for publication today that at the end of last month it caught two Hamas terrorists from the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip trying to infiltrate into Israel from the Egyptian-controlled Sinai. The two terrorists, Razak Ahmed Mahmad Sha'aban and Gama Ibrahim Issa Aza were caught near Mount Harif with two guns, two grenades and some 2,300 dollars in cash (maybe part of the money that Mahmoud Zahar 'lost' in Kuwait?). They confessed to planning to establish a terror cell in Judea, Samaria and within green line Israel, with the goal of kidnapping soldiers and carrying out terror attacks.

On April 29, another Hamas terrorist from Gaza was arrested in Tulkarm; he too had been sent to Samaria to establish a terror cell.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Sha'aban and Aza gave lots of details in their Shin Bet interrogation:

During his interrogation Sha'aban told the Shin Bet that he was contacted by Aza, who asked for Sha'aban's assistance with his Hamas-sponsered terrorist activities.

Sha'aban agreed to the request and met with Imam Mansur, the head of Hamas in Jabilya, who ordered him to go to Ramallah with other Gaza-based Hamas operatives to establish a terror cell with the ultimate goal of kidnapping soldiers and carrying out attacks.

To implement the plan, Sha'aban contacted Hasan Halua, a Hamas terrorist currently being held in Ketziyot Detention Camp in southern Ramallah.

Sha'aban sent him a note hidden inside a specially stitched trouser pocket, which he passed to Halua during a visit to his prison cell.

Mansur told Sha'aban that to reach the Gaza Strip he needed to infiltrate through the Sinai and travel to Beersheba, driven by Palestinians illegally residing in the country.

Aza told the Shin Bet that Mansur told him that the planned West Bank terror cell was according to the direction of the official Hamas leadership. He said that he met with Ahmad Andur, the head of the Hamas military wing in the northern Gaza strip, and another top Hamas operative.


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