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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hamas: Israel can't use PA tax money for medicine

If any of you were fooled into thinking that the 'Palestinian Authority financial crisis' is about sick people who need dialysis, think again. Today, the 'Palestinian Authority' said it's not interested in medicines and medical supplies.

Earlier today, the Israeli cabinet approved the transfer of some $11 million worth of medicine and other medical supplies to the 'Palestinians.' The medicines and supplies are to be purchased from the moneys Israel has been refusing to transfer to the 'Palestinian Authority," and delivered directly to 'Palestinian' hospitals.

This evening, Hamas says that it is not interested in medicine and medical supplies. Hamas cabinet spokesman Ghazi Hamad says that Israel does not have the right to use money taken from Palestinian taxes - not even in order to buy medical supplies for Palestinians, and that the Palestinian Authority would seek international support to make Israel transfer the tax money to the Palestinians, Israel Radio reported.

But the world continues to believe the sob story that there's a 'financial crisis' in the 'Palestinian Authority.'


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