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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Fifth Column

An Israeli-Arab who is a member of a Palestinian terror organization has been indicted for murder and for belonging to a terror cell according to HaAretz.

Amru Hamil, a 30-year-old Jordan Valley resident was charged with murder for stabbing 60-year old Simha Ron of Nahariya to death five years ago. He was also charged with membership in a terror cell with the intention of murdering an Israeli journalist and carrying out a terror attack in Haifa.

But listen to the manner in which the murder was committed:
On April 27, 2001, Hamil and two other cell members invited Simha Ron to the western Galilee village of Arabeh.

Ron, who was friendly with Hamil, drove the cell members to the village of Dir el-Assad. The three men jumped on Ron and stabbed him [twenty-two times CiJ] as he attempted to flee the car.

A note left in the car after the murder said, "This act was carried out by the members of the Ahmed Musa military wing of the Al-Mukhtar forces."

The three men received $3,000 from their operators in Jordan for carrying out the murder.
And you wonder why many people here are afraid to be friendly to Arabs?


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