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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A country named "Israel"

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said today that the United States was 'too tied down' in Iraq and Afghanistan to deal with Iran's nuclear threat and that there is no country named Israel. According to HaAretz and al-Reuters, Motaki made his comments at a ministerial meeting of the Nonaligned Movement held in the city of Putrajaya, Malaysia. The group appears set to support Iran's 'right' to develop nuclear technology for 'peaceful purposes'.

In a bid to avert the crisis over the issue, the five permanent United Nations Security Council members and Germany are in the process of formulating a package of 'rewards' to give Iran if it gives up uranium enrichment, or punish it with sanctions if it does not.

Mottaki reiterated that for Iran to accept the package, the international community must fulfill two prerequisites: recognition of Iran's 'essential right' to have nuclear technology for 'peaceful purposes', and the strengthening of the NPT, which I assume means going after Israel's alleged nuclear capability.

"Under such circumstances we are in a position to cooperate. Otherwise if they ignore the right of Iran to have nuclear technology, how can we accept?"


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