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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Urgent Request for Blood for Florida Victim of Tel Aviv Terror Attack

I just got this in an email:
A good friend of ours with personal connections to this family has asked us to post the following:

Ichilov Hospital is encouraging donations of AB or O blood for the 16-year-old from Florida as he fights for his life. The hospital has requested only AB and O ‹ due to the manner of usage, A or B blood is ineligible for this need (though certainly blood-donation is always important and appreciated).

Hours tomorrow and Wed. are 9:00 - 2:30 for donations, first floor. He was only a few feet from the bomber when the bag exploded. The bag was on the floor, so the blast went up the boy's lower body, inside of him, and ripped open a hole in his side. He has already lost several internal organs and has had to sustain several operations during the past week. His body is still not even stitched up, because the hole in him is too big to close up.

I have no additional information, so please do not contact me.


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