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Friday, April 21, 2006

Palestinian paramilitary force head remains target for IDF

Well isn't this special. Israel has announced that Jamal Abu Samhadana, the new general inspector of the 'Palestinian paramilitary force' remains a target for the IDF.

Interior Minister Ze'ev Boim said that Israel had a score to settle with Samhadana and that, sooner or later, security forces would lay their hands on him. Boim told Israel Radio that the appointment indicated that Hamas was turning the Palestinian Authority into a terrorist entity. I think it was one long before Hamas started turning it into one. Just not as openly.

In recent weeks, Samhadana's 'Popular Resistance Committees' have launched dozens of Kassam rockets at Israel. It is also suspected of involvement in the October 2003 bombing in Gaza of a US embassy convoy, which killed three American security guards.

Army Radio reported that Samhadana was placed prominently on Israel's list of targets and survived several targeted killing attempts.

The United States also condemned the appointment, saying it exposed Hamas' true face and its mode of operation.


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