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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - Fatah gunmen raid Hamas mayor's office

Once again we have an 'incident' between Fatah and Hamas. Fatah gunmen terrorists entered the offices of Shchem's Mayor Chief Terrorist, who is affiliated with Hamas, and gave him half an hour to shut down his offices.

The gunmen, armed with assault rifles, entered the Nablus Shchem municipal building and 'escorted' some of the government employees outside. When the mayor refused to immediately close the offices, they gave him an extra 30 minutes to shut them down.

Jamal Abu Samhadana, the leader of a new 'Palestinian paramilitary police force', stressed on Sunday that the Jews are the enemies of the Palestinian people.

Representatives of Hamas and Fatah agreed late Saturday night to curb their activists militants terrorists in order to relieve tensions which emerged between the rival parties, after 30 people were wounded in the weekend clashes across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But no agreement was reached regarding the 'paramilitary police force.'

Mashaal has 'moderated' his stance against the Fatah movement. "I greatly respect Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, but the government also has plans that need to be respected," he said.

Mashaal had previously accused Abbas of treachery, an accusation that sparked clashes in Gaza between students and armed supporters of Fatah and Hamas.

The 'unrest' followed Abu Mazen's recent moves to take control of all six security forces and Hamas's response that it would form its own shadow army, made up of militants and headed by Jamal Abu Samhadana, a top fugitive Israel has been hunting for years.

Abbas' prompt veto of that plan provoked a scathing comment late Friday from Mashaal.


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