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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PA police foil Hamas attack on Gaza-Israel crossing

Why is it that my first reaction every time I see a story like this is that it must have been staged? But if you read the article carefully, you will see that Hamas is behind this attack (and the regular 'Palestinian police' are still controlled by Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, so that makes sense). Note where I inserted the comment:
Palestinian police officers on Wednesday foiled an attempt by militants to drive a bomb-laden vehicle into the Karni crossing, the main cargo passage between Israel and Gaza.

Palestinian security officials said that three Palestinian security officers were wounded at Karni in exchanges of fire with militants who tried to ram at least one explosives-laden car into the crossing.

"The car did not explode and it is under our control," a Palestinian security officer said.

The attack seems to have been carried out by at least five militants in two or more vehicles. The militants appeared to belong to the Popular Resistance Committee, which was behind the 2003 attack on a U.S. convoy in Gaza, in which three Americans were killed [and whose leader, Jamal Abu Sanhadana was recently named by Hamas to be the commander of a new 'Palestinian paramilitary police force' CiJ].

Workers at Karni, the main cargo crossing point between Israel and Gaza, had been evacuated and the area closed after gunshots were heard in the area.


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