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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Israeli satellite to spy on Iran

According to a defense official, today, Israel is launching a satellite to spy on Iran's nuclear program as Iran's leader persisted with his calls for the Jewish state's destruction.

Later Tuesday, Israel planned to launch from Siberia its Eros B satellite, designed to spot images on the ground as small as 70 centimeters (27.5 inches), the defense official said. That level of resolution would allow Israel to gather information on Iran's nuclear program and its long-range missiles, which are capable of striking Israel, he said.

"The most important thing in a satellite is its ability to photograph and its resolution," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive subject matter. "This satellite has very high resolution, and (state-run) Israel Aircraft Industries has a great ability to process information that is relayed."

If the launch is successful, it will take seven to 10 days to see whether the images that are transmitted are sharp and clear, he said.

Teheran has helped to finance Palestinian terror groups as part of its campaign against the Jewish state, and appears to have stepped up funding since Hamas swept Palestinian elections in January.


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