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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Israel rejects Abbas' summit proposal; Fatah forming new militia

In Norway today, Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen proposed an 'international peace conference' to jump start the peace piece by piece process. But Mazen's proposal was shot down by the Israeli government as soon as it was made.

"That's a 'no' with a capital 'N,'" Olmert spokesman Asaf Shariv said. "The summit is part of the second phase of the Road Map. President Abbas has tried repeatedly to skip the first phase of the Road Map which requires the Palestinians to stop terrorism."

Meanwhile, according to a Reuters report Wednesday, Fatah members loyal to Abbas were setting up a new militia in response to the internal security force organized by Hamas that conducted its first operations on Monday, arresting Fatah gunmen who briefly took control of the Health Ministry in Gaza.

"The new force would aim to protect Fatah men against the Israeli enemy and against any attempt by any party inside the homeland to target them," Abu Saqer, a spokesman for the newly-named Yasser Arafat Brigades, told Reuters.


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