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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is the UN Security Council Less Anti-Israel than the Guardian?

Could it be? The UN Security Council is less biased against Israel than the anti-Semitic British Daily Guardian? Let's look at the facts. On Sunday, I fisked a news article from the Guardian that read like an opinion piece worthy of being in Der Shtumer. Among other problems with the article, I noted the lack of context that the IDF operations against the Kassams in Gaza were being given. Now, the Arab countries have dropped a plan to try to get the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for those same operations - because they are afraid they won't get a majority. Instead, they will seek to secure only a declaration from the Security Council's current president, which will likely also take into account the recent increase in Qassam rocket attacks on Israel. So what gives? This is from HaAretz:

According to UN sources, the unusual Arab hesitation to refrain from pushing for a condemnation of Israel stems from the belief they wouldn't be able to secure a majority vote in the Security Council.

"The Arabs are well aware of the feeling among a large part of the Council, which views harshly the absence of a response on the part of Hamas leaders to Qassam attacks on Israel," a senior Western diplomat told Haaretz.

According to the diplomat, consultations Arab representatives held with Security Council member made it clear a majority of members were leaning toward a balanced response to Israeli actions, which would make negative reference to Palestinian Qassam attacks.

A day earlier, Palestinian UN Observer Riyad Mansour said, "The international community cannot continue to stand idly by while defenseless women, children and men continue to be killed, wounded and maimed."

The 15-nation council, "in upholding its duty to maintain international peace and security, should take action," Mansour said in a letter to Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya, the Security Council president for April.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan issued a statement over the weekend expressing concern about the increasing violence on both sides, including rocket attacks on Israeli targets and Israeli reprisals.

So why can't al-Guardian get with the program? For the same reason that you wouldn't expect 'context' at the Arab News or al-Jazeera or Der Shtumer.


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