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Friday, April 28, 2006

"I'm not a racist, but..."

There's a very interesting post today at a British blog called Harry's Place. The post, entitled "I'm not a racist but..." fisks a column written by the inimitable Robert Fisk in London's Daily Independent.

Fisk's column deals with the infamous Mearsheimer and Walt paper, which claims that Jews control the world - or at least US foreign policy.
Fisk's response is a familiar one. Merely to raise the possibility of racism in this context is itself a form of insidious censorship. The media is, for this reason - he suggests - rarely critical of Israel. Anti-Israel voices are consistently silenced. "Noam Chomsky, America's foremost moral philosopher and linguistics academic - he claims [is]so critical of Israel that he does not even have a regular newspaper column". Fisk himself once got shouted at by Dershowitz during an Irish radio show. And so on.


What makes this one notable, however, is that the Independent has chosen to present Fisk's argument in an even more, erm, forthright manner than Fisk himself. What Fisk merely insinuates, the Independent makes crystal clear.

They've entitled their piece "A United States of Israel?", and illustrated it with a picture of the Stars and Stripes, in which the stars have been replaced by jewish stars of David.

There are a lot more pictures with the post, and there is a lot more analyses too. Go check it out.


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