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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hamas Straddles the Fence

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Israel's Shin Bet security service said today that Hamas funded last week's terror attack that was 'foiled' by 'Palestinian Authority' police. Some of the terrorists were Hamas members.

Furthermore, the Shin Bet said that Hamas has not ceased its terror activities at any time since agreeing to a hudna (cease-fire) with Israel in 2005. Hamas gives money and training to those who perpetrate the attacks, such as the Popular Resistance Committees, who carried out last weeks attack.

Besides viewing Hamas as being directly involved in terror, the Shin Bet stressed the irony in Hamas being responsible for blowing up the Karni goods crossing, at the same time as its diplomatic wing was traversing the globe in search of funds due to an Israel-imposed humanitarian crisis in Gaza caused by the Karni closures.


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