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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Egyptian TV promotes anti-American hatred

Palestine Media Watch tells us what the United States gets from the second largest recipient of foreign aid.

Egyptian TV promotes anti-American hatred

By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

An Egyptian TV series promoting anti- American hate propaganda has just finished its second season on Palestinian Authority TV. The popular Egyptian series presents the US as the leader of the imperialist forces in the world and as such responsible for the serious problems of the Arab world. Israel likewise is presented negatively. Iraq, on the other hand is presented positively as the innocent victim of American imperialist occupation for the purpose of stealing Iraqi oil. This anti- American series was produced by the Egyptian government owned and controlled Egyptian Radio and Television Union.

This Egyptian series reflects a critical component of internal propaganda in the Arab world, which is to blame the failings of the Arab regimes on "imperialist America" and thereby deflect the anger of their own people away from the corrupt leaders and to the foreign enemy. This hate propaganda is presented throughout the Arab world by political leaders, in the Mosques, and is most effective in reaching the broad population through pop culture, TV and movies, like this Egyptian series.

You can watch a sample of the TV program here.


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