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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anti-Semitism at Harvard

Yesterday, James Taranto's Best of the Web reported an item from the Harvard Crimson that indicated that anti-Semitic leaflets were found in the public areas of the Harvard campus.
"Anti-Semitic leaflets appeared in publicly-accessible locations outside at least one upperclass House and several Yard dorms yesterday," reports the Harvard Crimson:

One of the fliers carries the name of National Vanguard, a Charlottesville, Va.-based organization that, in its own words, "stands up for the interests of White people." The flier claims that "Jewish interest groups have been at the forefront of nearly all the negative changes which have taken place in the White world during the last 100 years."

It also warns that "interracial sex is unsafe."

A second flier charges that the invasion of Iraq was "a war for Israel," and it claims that U.S. policy toward Israel "is an expression of the Jewish-Zionist grip on America's political and cultural life."

We know where you think we're going with this, but you're wrong. It wouldn't be fair. After all, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer didn't say anything about interracial sex.


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