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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Truth About Ehud Olmert

I've heard rumors for some time now as to Ehud Olmert having abandonned his political pedigree long before this past summer. But today I found a Hebrew web site that spells it all out. For those of you who read Hebrew, it's here.

For those who do not read Hebrew, allow me to introduce you to the Olmert family. You all know Ehud already. His wife Aliza is, according to the web site above, "wife and mother, a painter and a known left-wing activist.

I'll let Sarah Honig fill you in on Ehud's children:

His two sons currently reside abroad. Shaul, an adherent of Yesh Gvul (which refuses beyond-Green-Line military assignments), is now based in New York. Ariel, who never did IDF service, lives in Paris. Olmert, if elected, might soon be exposing other folks' kids-in-uniform to perils his own boys are spared.

His daughter Dana, a Machsom Watch activist, will meanwhile interfere with the duties of soldiers manning checkpoints to prevent terrorist predations.

Sarah is being kind to Machsom Watch. Here is one example of their 'work.'

Mothers of Nachshon Brigade soldiers protested opposite the Bekaot army base against the IDF´s intention to allow women from the left- wing Machsom Watch organization to address the soldiers.

The brigade has been assigned to man security checkpoints in Samaria, and the IDF has decided to allow them to be briefed by the Machsom [checkpoint, in Hebrew] Watch organization. Machsom Watch is a women´s group that has taken upon itself to aggressively monitor soldiers´ behavior towards Arabs at checkpoints in Judea and Samaria. The women often file complaints against soldiers they deem too thorough.

Soldiers learned of the intentions to invite Machsom Watch and registered their protest with their commanders. They asked that they not be compelled to attend the session, but were ignored.

Somehow, many people in this country have not yet woken up to the reality that Ehud Olmert is a leftist.


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