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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Revenants didn't turn out to vote?

If this article is correct, it is perhaps the most astounding thing in the entire election. On the other hand, the article may just be assuming that the entire decline in the combined National Religious Party - National Union vote is equivalent to a low turnout among the revenants. And since when is Beit El considered 'Haredi'?

While turnout was low nationwide, including in the development towns, exceptionally low turnout rates were recorded among settlers, who usually have a high rate of electoral mobilization. The NU-NRP bloc, recognized as representing the settlers, sank from 13 mandates to 9.

The lowest rates were found among the Beduin community in the south, where voter turnout hovered around 30%.

In contrast, the haredi communities of Modi'in Ilit and Beit El recorded over 90% turnout, far above the national average.

I'm not sure I would count the NRP as representing the revenants. The NRP was part of the government that approved the disengagement expulsion of the Jews from their homes in Gaza. I can see the revenants wanting to punish them for that. But staying home? If that's what really happened, that was a huge mistake.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Batya said...

Beit El, chareidi? No way.
People are disgusted with all the politicians.


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