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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Patriots QB Brady touches down in Israel

I have been so busy that on Friday I missed out on giving you the most important news of the week :-) Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady is here in Israel with owner Bob Kraft!

There was a palpable air of excitement Thursday night at the Kraft Family Stadium, as two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady of the New England Patriots made a special visit to see what American Football in Israel was all about.

Fans of all ages surrounded Brady as he signed autographs and threw passes to some of the AFI athletes. "It is really an honor and a privilege to have him come here," said Meira Harow of the Mishan Plumbers.

Brady spoke with excitement about being in Israel. "It's always been a place I've been intrigued by," he told The Jerusalem Post. "It's the one place in the world where there's so much to learn about and there are so many things that make this country great."

"It's the history and the future," he added.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he believed it was really spectacular that Brady made the journey to Israel. "He's a special person, he's very inquisitive and very intelligent," he said.

Kraft and Brady landed at Ben-Gurion Airport Tuesday evening and went directly to the Western Wall. "I've heard so much about it," Brady stated. "I could really feel the energy."

Brady said he was very impressed by the AFI, and told the Post that sports was a great way to bring people from different backgrounds together.

American Football in Israel is a nonprofit association which was granted official recognition as the sport's governing body in Israel by the Education Ministry's Sports Authority.

Brady was traveling to Israel as part of a Combined Jewish Philanthropies leadership mission from the Boston area.


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